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This is the biggie.
This is a mandatory submission for my final blog posts.
I’m suppose to reflect on what I learned this year.

Well wow. It’s been almost a year since I first joined the 10th grade English class. Swirls of memories surround me as I attempt to recall what I have accomplished in one year of high school. I remember those sleepless nights as I sat crouched on my desk with the rest of my family sleeping while I worked extra diligently on my delightful Multigenre project. But besides that, I couldn’t seem to recollect what I’ve done for an entire year. Isn’t it amusing when one looks back, they only see a mere blur of the past – a rush of vague and unclear memories which leaves us feeling confused and frustrated. Despite this, I strained my tired head of what I actually acquired during my time in that cute classroom. Then it came to me – very hard I might add. I got better at talking!

I wasn’t THAT antisocial in my freshmen year; it’s just that I never really participated in any of the discussions. They were always something I dreaded. I learned in sophomore year and in English class that staying silent will ultimate lead to a not very good score. But that was in second semester. Backing up to first semester I realized that we had more project based assignments rather then those presentations, writing and discussion assignments we had these days. One book I particularly liked was Grendel. Grendel seems to be a very cute creature contrary to what many of my classmates think. It was the first book I didn’t mind reading. I actually can’t really remember what we did with that book. Grendel presented many radical philosophical ideas I never even thought of. The discussions throughout the year made me realize: books actually have a point to make. Despite knowing what themes were I always saw the themes of books cheesy and unrelated to my life. Applying it to society showed me the greater meaning of a book. Yeah. Cheesy. But its true. Books have a purpose. Grendel was a interesting read; it was much more interesting than Beowulf. Despite this it was kind of disappointing that he got his arm torn off at the end.
“Poor Grendel’s had an accident,” I whisper. “So may you all.” (Gardner 174).
After time passed, the discussions didn’t seem to be as threatening, we learned how to write a proper thesis, the presentations seemed more enjoyable, and those sentence structures were really enlightening. I can honestly say that English transformed from a demon to something better. Sure I still don’t do that well on quizzes but I believe that this class really helped my writing and my speaking. Which is what English is about no? Or not. Everyone has his or her memories of sophomore English classes. I’m not actually sure of my writing still. I’m not sure if I improved. I’m not sure if I changed. But I hope I did. Good-bye grade 10 English. : )

P.S Looking forward to AP English language. Hope it helps me as much as English 10 has.

Toast to the end of the year!


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Compare the chapter “Dracula’s Guest” with the published version of Stoker’s work. What is similar to Dracula? What is different? What elements of the Gothic genre can be found in this piece? Is it better or worse than the published version? Explain.
Self explanatory.
I actually totally forgot I had to finish my blogs for the year.

Now I’m panicking.

I should have listened to my friend when he constantly kept commenting how my blog had nothing new to it.

Dracula’s Guest to me, was actually very different from the original Dracula. It had all the same Gothic elements like the original, however it seemed to me that the little devil was portrayed in a slightly different color of light then from its counterpart. I might be wrong or RIGHT. But it all depends on how you look at it. It seems to have a different twist and more of a flavor at the end of the book in contrast to that cliché happy ending.
Don’t get me wrong though; I love happy endings.

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What do you LIKE about learning?

Everyone who knows me probably realizes how devoted I am to my education life.
What a conflicted word.
It makes me conflicted however.
Since this blog post is supposed to be the positive aspects of learning I will strive now to make it as positive as possible.
I love the results of learning. After going through the hardships and the dirty road to accomplishment, it does feel a bit refreshing to remind yourself: I’m not stupid. There are many ways to learn also, just as there are many foods to eat. The other thing I like about learning is that you can learn from anything. Though there is our beloved school so called the “sanctuary” for learning, you can learn from your parents, animals, tv shows, or any other random thing out there.
So. We also need to learn to eventually do things on our own.
We need to learn to accomplish higher goals.
We will never be too old to learn.

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So. On a snow make up day where we had to go to all our classes for a 45 minute period my english teacher decided to let us watch a movie. Since we are reading Bram Stocker’s Dracula we watched the 1931 version of Dracula and the more recent adaption of Dracula to of course, compare and contrast.
When people try to make films out of literature, usually they are very different and the movie usually leaves out information due to time constraints.
The movie was rushed, black and white, and the audio was terrible. But whats to expect from an old movie? They made Jonathan Harker Renfiled.

Okay… that was REALLY unexpected.
The newer film also uses this idea. They made it seem like Jonathan Harker was the one who replaces Renfield after he goes mad. And to say.. Dracula’s hair is awesome. Needless to say, it sorta looks like Alice in Wonderland Queen’s hair.

Maybe the queen IS a vampire. They have the same white face, the same red lips, the same creepy look, and the same freaky hair.
Maybe they should get married.
Maybe they are already married.

Well, Dracula the newer version was creepy and the way Dracula came to be was probably inaccurate. It was something about stabbing a giant cross after his wife dies and drinking the beautiful delicious deep red liquid that was send forth by the cross. Then the room started to get filled with blood as he screamed “Blood is the life!”
………………………………….But then it was fun.

Better than my swimming class before it.

Curse you water.

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“What does the snow become when it melts?”

“Water of course.”

“Nope! It becomes spring!”

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What makes a blog unique?

I’m not sure LOL
To answer this I decided to venture upon my fellow peer’s blogs!

1. Staci S Blog: A.K.A (As Known As)
I think a major thing that attracts people to read each others blogs is the fact that the writer sounds HUMAN. Unlike hard written essays or research reports an interesting blog should sound like a person. Someone that has a voice. It’s interesting that because Staci has a very definite writing voice. You can tell that a person is talking. So I think one step into making a unique blog is to make your voice sound unique.

2. Harin’s Blog: Fat Pony Chronicles
Oh yes! My friend Harin! The blog sounds just like her!!! Her blog is interesting because it has a very nice layout and talks about things we can relate to! Like the olympics and such. I learned that to be an interesting blog writer you should write about things that can be related to.

3. Ashley’s Blog: Sûr une étoile (apparently it means “on a star” in french)
Ashley. Her blog posts are just generally very interesting. The things she writes about are things that we usually just look over in our lives. It makes the readers think and interested to keep reading further.

So there! Thats what I think makes a fun unique interesting blog.

This took me over 6 hours because I was procrastinating.

And now this is a picture that has nothing to do with my blog post but felt like sharing it.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Love: “An intense feeling of deep affection” (dictionary).

So what do I feel an intense and deep affection for?


I simply LOVE and ALWAYS desire sleep and food.

they are the essentials yes?
Uh.. but for the purpose of this blog this question is not refering to a particular activity. I believe it is just asking what I am passionate about.
So uh…

I guess I’m passionate about the environment?


Though it seems somewhat stupid and no one else in my family does this, I actually try to be a “ecofriendly” student. I unplug unused electric chords, turn lights off when not used, turn down the brightness of my mac, try to conserve water, and do not litter. Korea should use more trash cans… I’m not sure if this is a passion though, it maybe more like a habit and a passion combined together? I’m not sure, but it bugs me if the lights or on when unused, or when my brother leaves the electric cords in the plugs. It’s wasting our money and damaging our poor earth also. The movie 2012 inspired me to keep continuing my “passion”. Like


I can never image everything going underwater obviously. And obviously this is just a movie. But obviously if we do nothing then this can obviously be a future outcome.
I just hope that the things I do now do make some kind of small difference.

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