Notice Me

Notice Me

“Who are you?”

I can’t believe him.

He forgot my name…. again.

I just wanted to tear my hair in frustration.

I just wanted to claw his eyes out.

I glared menacingly at him.

“It’s been three years since we’ve met and you still don’t know my name?!!”

“Yeah.” He said walking away.

“He..Hey!!! You come back here now! I’m not finished with you!”


I slumped my shoulders. Another failure.

‘He’s impossible’

I stared dejectedly at the familiar straight retreating figure.

‘I wish he would notice me just once… ‘ I thought as I returned back to my melancholy.

“Don’t hurt yourself by thinking too much Kisha.” He said walking out the double doors.


Kisha started after him… and then stopped.

“He said Kisha…”

Kisha smiled,

and proceeded looking ahead through those very clear double doors.



My head throbs.


I try recalling a certain scene from long ago. I struggle to keep that slippery memory in my hands. Like soap it seems to be harder to recall the harder I hold on to it. It seems to be mocking me as I curse and swear while I continue to insist remembering that small passing memory.

“It’s at the tip of my tongue.”

“I’ll have it in one second.”

The more I try the more hopeless it seems. I grit my teeth and attempt to focus all my willpower and concentration only on that particular memory still flaunting in front of me. Why can’t I remember it? Am I just that stupid? The memory doubles over in laughter and I give up cursing my stupidity. Shamed by the humility of it all.

Later when I completely cease caring about that insignificant memory…..it hits me.
And I laugh.
“Why couldn’t I remember this before?”
Chuckling, I continue on my way as I remember that lovely fleeting memory.

What makes a blog unique?

I’m not sure LOL
To answer this I decided to venture upon my fellow peer’s blogs!

1. Staci S Blog: A.K.A (As Known As)
I think a major thing that attracts people to read each others blogs is the fact that the writer sounds HUMAN. Unlike hard written essays or research reports an interesting blog should sound like a person. Someone that has a voice. It’s interesting that because Staci has a very definite writing voice. You can tell that a person is talking. So I think one step into making a unique blog is to make your voice sound unique.

2. Harin’s Blog: Fat Pony Chronicles
Oh yes! My friend Harin! The blog sounds just like her!!! Her blog is interesting because it has a very nice layout and talks about things we can relate to! Like the olympics and such. I learned that to be an interesting blog writer you should write about things that can be related to.

3. Ashley’s Blog: Sûr une étoile (apparently it means “on a star” in french)
Ashley. Her blog posts are just generally very interesting. The things she writes about are things that we usually just look over in our lives. It makes the readers think and interested to keep reading further.

So there! Thats what I think makes a fun unique interesting blog.

This took me over 6 hours because I was procrastinating.

And now this is a picture that has nothing to do with my blog post but felt like sharing it.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Love: “An intense feeling of deep affection” (dictionary).

So what do I feel an intense and deep affection for?


I simply LOVE and ALWAYS desire sleep and food.

they are the essentials yes?
Uh.. but for the purpose of this blog this question is not refering to a particular activity. I believe it is just asking what I am passionate about.
So uh…

I guess I’m passionate about the environment?


Though it seems somewhat stupid and no one else in my family does this, I actually try to be a “ecofriendly” student. I unplug unused electric chords, turn lights off when not used, turn down the brightness of my mac, try to conserve water, and do not litter. Korea should use more trash cans… I’m not sure if this is a passion though, it maybe more like a habit and a passion combined together? I’m not sure, but it bugs me if the lights or on when unused, or when my brother leaves the electric cords in the plugs. It’s wasting our money and damaging our poor earth also. The movie 2012 inspired me to keep continuing my “passion”. Like


I can never image everything going underwater obviously. And obviously this is just a movie. But obviously if we do nothing then this can obviously be a future outcome.
I just hope that the things I do now do make some kind of small difference.


Weakness. Something that everyone has. No one person is perfect.

You should always be strong. The strong survive.
“Survival of the fittest”

It seems to me that people generally believe that they should always be strong and confident often masking our more vulnerable side. We don’t need to always be strong like animals. Because we aren’t animals…..at least, I don’t believe we are.

What do we accomplish by masking our fragility anyway? We don’t always have to be strong. I believe that it’s okay to show weakness. And that weakness for me might possibly be my lack of confidence in my future. Usually, I have a tendency to look too far into my future instead of the events dropped at my feet.

This can be exemplified by imaging yourself lost in a world of laundry with no washing machine. You see those towering dirty socks hovering over you like mountains and you take a step….
only to trip.


You seemed to have forgotten the filthy garments near your feet restricting your movements quite a bit. You slowly sit back up rubbing the back of your head embarrassed, and curse the pants that you slipped on. You then proceed to picking up the closest pile of clothes next to your feet and smile. Gaping at the summit of laundry beyond you will only lead you to tripping around the scattered clothes. So though the future far away laundry is important, so is the thing in front of you – in front of your feet.

I will strive look beyond those menacing piles of laundry on the horizon and sit down dealing with the stench in front of me. Though I am not very strong at doing these things right now, I hope in time I can grow and become stronger as a person.

The Classes

Besides the all so important English, there are many other classes that I take. Well, it is not that much but i take Ap Biology, French, Algebra, Chemistry, PE, and World Geography. This blog post is suppose to be about something interesting I am learning in other classes, but to be frank, I’m not learning anything particularly interesting other than ways to get out of swimming. I don’t have a favorite subject though I have a most hated subject. This post seems quite depressing up to this point so I’ll talk about something brighter. In PE I was sorta intrigued how some people (like me) could not swim at all and how some people could swim so well.

Thats not much brighter is it. Well I guess the contents of Ap biology are pretty interesting compared to the other subjects. ( not english though!) It’s amazing that so many things can make us die. Biology is generally stated as the study of life but it seems like the study of death. If one thing goes wrong the whole system suffers and we die. Seems mildly interesting that our bodies are composed of tiny little cells that reproduce and grow.

Interesting much?


Pokemon has been around as far as I can remember. When I was a little kid I used to collect Pokemon cards and play all the Pokemon games. Now I don’t collect the Pokemon cards but I still like the Pokemon games. Pokemon is an abbreviation that means Pocket Monsters. Pokemon started as a franchise of Nintendo games. The games as well as the anime that accompanies, are centered around Pokemon trainers training their pokemon. First they catch it, train it, and then compete with other pokemon in battles or contests. The Pokemon series was produced by Satoshi Tajiri because of his love for catching insects as a young boy near his hometown of Machida. Apparently he was going to call them Capsule Monsters because he got inspiration from a link cable. He pictured the insect crawling between two Game Boy systems. Pokemon Red and Blue version debuted in 1996. The pokemon games were simple but addicting. It’s not much different to what it is now. The main motive is still training pokemon to become a pokemon master. Based on the game they made an anime version to Pokemon.
I hate Ash.
I hate the pokemon anime.
I don’t mind the pokemon in the anime.
I hate the people.
I dislike them.
Ash always dumps his pokemon off to start a new region. He shouldn’t do that. Maybe that’s why the anime is going on forever. He’s suppose to be 10. How old is he now? If he had just kept his strong pokemon maybe the anime would have already ended. My favorite characters however in the anime are Drew and May. My favorite pokemon generation is the 2nd generation. 3rd generation was pretty good too. The pokemon were still unique and cute. But in the 4th generation the pokemon sorta crashed. We can see the first example of this in the starter pokemon. So ugly. So unoriginal. Even the story of the 4th generation is lame. The creator of the pokemon universe Archeus looks like a horse that got stabbed by a wheel. I was quite disappointed. Apparently a 5th generation is coming out. Hope its better than 4th generation. There are currently over 380 species of pokemon. A great source of Pokemon information is Bulbapedia. The more diverse it gets though, the more unappealing it gets. When will it end? I believe that they should keep the pokemon that they already created and make a better story with them. Well that’s what I think.
Despite all this I still love Pokemon. (Though the movies are also getting weirder and lamer) I don’t understand people that believe that they are too “old” for things they did when they were kids. Holding on to the things I liked when I was a kid gives me a sense of peace. I dunno. It might be just me.