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Okay yes. Another English post! A semester one reflection which will help me REFLECT on the things in first semester. I think that Semester one was quite a failure. My 1st block is Ap bio. Ap bio was fine. Grade before the finals was higher than after the finals but it was okay. I think I should have been more consistent in my studying than cramming the night before. My 2nd block is French. FAIL. I don’t know why but I am really bad at french. I maybe if I had also studied more consistently this wouldn’t have happened. Je suis sad 😦 okay. yea. I’m bad at french. 3rd block was alg II. It was okay. I often make little mistakes in math and I think I should stop doing that. I should check over my work more thoroughly yes? 4th block is Chemistry. O god. I did so bad in my first quarter of chemistry it was hard raising it. But it was okay. I could have studied more I guess which would have helped me during the final. But yea. I made a lot of mistakes on this final too. 5th period was Asian Studies. To me, I think this subject was quite sad to be frank. I’m not really sure what I learned but that is probably because I’m a bad student. The final was okay compared to my other tests which were usually below average. My 6th block was English! Yes english! English was okay during the first semester. I did my homework consistently which is a feat for me, and the books we read weren’t books I hated. However. The final was not the best. I believe it’s because I suck at talking in front of people. Yea. Maybe that’s why. It’s a mystery to me cause I’m usually very loud…
My last block is pe. Yea.. I did bad on the push up test but whatever.

THE END !!!!


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