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Ellooo!!! SO YET ANOTHER POST FOR ENGLISH. It’s about my writing style. Yeah, I believe I can improve when it comes to writing. I’m not the best writer as you might notice. I’m not that great with writing beginning and ending sentences to essays. Apparently the first paragraph should have some kind of hook, but I end up not knowing what to say at all. IT IS 10:42 RIGHT NOW AND IM REALLY TIRED. But I shall continue. I also believe that my word choice could be a bit more vibrant. It seems to me that I always use the same words. Maybe its because I don’t know a lot of vocabulary but I should really get out of the habit of using flat boring words. I’m not suppose to use words such as “readers” and the “audience” either. I believe that everyone could improve their writing since no one is actually perfect. I was always the worst when it comes to writing so I will try to continue to improve for the rest of this semester.


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