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The Classes

Besides the all so important English, there are many other classes that I take. Well, it is not that much but i take Ap Biology, French, Algebra, Chemistry, PE, and World Geography. This blog post is suppose to be about something interesting I am learning in other classes, but to be frank, I’m not learning anything particularly interesting other than ways to get out of swimming. I don’t have a favorite subject though I have a most hated subject. This post seems quite depressing up to this point so I’ll talk about something brighter. In PE I was sorta intrigued how some people (like me) could not swim at all and how some people could swim so well.

Thats not much brighter is it. Well I guess the contents of Ap biology are pretty interesting compared to the other subjects. ( not english though!) It’s amazing that so many things can make us die. Biology is generally stated as the study of life but it seems like the study of death. If one thing goes wrong the whole system suffers and we die. Seems mildly interesting that our bodies are composed of tiny little cells that reproduce and grow.

Interesting much?


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