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Weakness. Something that everyone has. No one person is perfect.

You should always be strong. The strong survive.
“Survival of the fittest”

It seems to me that people generally believe that they should always be strong and confident often masking our more vulnerable side. We don’t need to always be strong like animals. Because we aren’t animals…..at least, I don’t believe we are.

What do we accomplish by masking our fragility anyway? We don’t always have to be strong. I believe that it’s okay to show weakness. And that weakness for me might possibly be my lack of confidence in my future. Usually, I have a tendency to look too far into my future instead of the events dropped at my feet.

This can be exemplified by imaging yourself lost in a world of laundry with no washing machine. You see those towering dirty socks hovering over you like mountains and you take a step….
only to trip.


You seemed to have forgotten the filthy garments near your feet restricting your movements quite a bit. You slowly sit back up rubbing the back of your head embarrassed, and curse the pants that you slipped on. You then proceed to picking up the closest pile of clothes next to your feet and smile. Gaping at the summit of laundry beyond you will only lead you to tripping around the scattered clothes. So though the future far away laundry is important, so is the thing in front of you – in front of your feet.

I will strive look beyond those menacing piles of laundry on the horizon and sit down dealing with the stench in front of me. Though I am not very strong at doing these things right now, I hope in time I can grow and become stronger as a person.


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