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What do you LIKE about learning?

Everyone who knows me probably realizes how devoted I am to my education life.
What a conflicted word.
It makes me conflicted however.
Since this blog post is supposed to be the positive aspects of learning I will strive now to make it as positive as possible.
I love the results of learning. After going through the hardships and the dirty road to accomplishment, it does feel a bit refreshing to remind yourself: I’m not stupid. There are many ways to learn also, just as there are many foods to eat. The other thing I like about learning is that you can learn from anything. Though there is our beloved school so called the “sanctuary” for learning, you can learn from your parents, animals, tv shows, or any other random thing out there.
So. We also need to learn to eventually do things on our own.
We need to learn to accomplish higher goals.
We will never be too old to learn.


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