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Paul looked at Grace. Grace looked at Paul. Inexplicably, a brilliant blush creeped onto Paul’s face, and he blurted out, “I love you, Grace! I’ve always loved you, ever since I met you! The only reason I diss Scott is because I want your attention!”
Dawn swooned at his attractiveness before replying, “OMG! I love you too, Paul! Let’s marry!”

Quite irrational if you ask me.
No substance what so ever.
Love is more like an ice cream sundae… with a cherry!


It’s like an MacFlurry with chicken tender strips and popcorn chicken.

Basically its something delightful that we all desire and seek. “We all need love” Love is warmth. Love is the feeling of being needed. Something to live for. Because honestly, the world doesn’t care if we survive, prevail or die. So what’s the point? The people around you give me reason to live because you’re not just living for yourself; your also living for them. You need someone there to tell you that they like you.
But more importantly. Love is priceless. It’s something anyone can receive and give. Everyone has the capacity to love and to be loved. Love is stemmed from kindness. When we are first born into the world we all have wants. We want water. We want food. But kindness is something that grows inside you with experience. It’s sometimes hard to see the kindness in other people because it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Sometimes its hard to find the good in people to love but it is most rewarding.


Jealousy leads to fights. wars. complications.
Jealousy is inevitable.
The reason people experience jealousy is because they desire something that they don’t have. So instead of looking at the things they already have they get jealous over the things they want – the things they believe they don’t have. Jealousy arises when we see other people’s good traits but we don’t seem to detect our good side, only the flaws. We require people around us to be the mirror to make us notice the things we already have. We shouldn’t be selfish or egotistic -this however can’t be accomplished. Everyone is selfish in a way; humans are naturally selfish. Therefore I believe that the two emotions that humans can not live a life without is: jealousy and love.

Loving sometimes can be painful and lonely … but it can also make us feel the most happy.

… However you might want to ask someone who is IN love if you want love affair advice.
If that’s what you were looking for
here is not the right place


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Love: “An intense feeling of deep affection” (dictionary).

So what do I feel an intense and deep affection for?


I simply LOVE and ALWAYS desire sleep and food.

they are the essentials yes?
Uh.. but for the purpose of this blog this question is not refering to a particular activity. I believe it is just asking what I am passionate about.
So uh…

I guess I’m passionate about the environment?


Though it seems somewhat stupid and no one else in my family does this, I actually try to be a “ecofriendly” student. I unplug unused electric chords, turn lights off when not used, turn down the brightness of my mac, try to conserve water, and do not litter. Korea should use more trash cans… I’m not sure if this is a passion though, it maybe more like a habit and a passion combined together? I’m not sure, but it bugs me if the lights or on when unused, or when my brother leaves the electric cords in the plugs. It’s wasting our money and damaging our poor earth also. The movie 2012 inspired me to keep continuing my “passion”. Like


I can never image everything going underwater obviously. And obviously this is just a movie. But obviously if we do nothing then this can obviously be a future outcome.
I just hope that the things I do now do make some kind of small difference.

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