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English Macbeth Final

Another English post!!! YES WE JUST HAD OUR FINALS BUT WE DIDN’T GET ANY BREAK SO NOW ITS SECOND SEMESTER. I made this presentation with keynote and we were suppose to present our thesis to our class without reading off of the slides. It was nice that we still got to use note cards though. 😀

Oh yeah and I need to do a reflection..

* How prepared did you feel for your presentation? Why?
Well I didn’t feel very prepared though I did practice the day before. This was probably due to the fact that juniors were there watching us and because it had been a while since doing a presentation alone.
* What did you do well? Why?
I think my pictures fitted well with my presentation by enhancing it.
* What could you improve? Why?
I could of looked at my audience more. I was too nervous to look at them properly at that time.
* What skills do you need to focus on during Second Semester to improve your skills?
I guess talking more comfortably in front of audiences.


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To gain a better understanding of the Shakespeare play Macbeth our teacher told us to act out each of our respective scenes. At first we were appalled by this assignment given that there was going to be much work involved, but after successfully performing our given scene I felt accomplished. My group prepared music, costumes, and memorized their lines for this assignment. When we finally got back from our winter holidays it was time to perform. We made a fake fire since we were acting out the first scene of the play and it seemed as if the atmosphere should be a bit creepy. We had the lights off and the scene started with the first witches line. I learned that the more I acted my character the more I understood the play itself. It made me study the lines of the play more closely than simply reading the lines from paper. We got to interpret the lines to how we thought it should sound. The things that went well with our performance may simply be the atmosphere. We made the atmosphere creepy and the lines that were said during this scene just seemed to fit the entire atmosphere we created inside the classroom. Each of our members contributed their amount of effort and props. I myself brought in the pot for the set and suggested many of the blocking as well as the music. However though I thought I had memorized my lines beforehand, nervousness crept up to me and made my mind go blank when it was time to perform. I stumbled through some lines and got one of my quos wrong. I could of improved the performance if I had not just forgotten that quo. If I had to rate myself out of 6 with 1 being unacceptable and 6 a professional actor I would give myself a 5 because though I forgot some of my lines I emphasized the parts where I needed, gave the right kind of emotion and successfully remembered all of my blocking. This scene performance though tiring, made up for it in the long run. It helped me to better understand the scene and the whole play Macbeth as a whole. It helped me feel the atmosphere and seriousness of the scenes including the personality of the character.

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Voice Thread Macbeth Character Map

This was another project for my English class and my partner and I made this using a site called Voicethread. I like how this site is simple and easy to use.

Voice Thread

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Macbeth Discussion Reflection

This was for my English Class and the directions were to write a reflection about the discussion we had in class. I typed it up in Word and I like how it explains very clearly the flaws and gains from this discussion.

During the course of the discussion as one would imagine, many ideas were brought up. The opinions that were brought up in the discussion, though were different, many were saying similar things. Though I disagreed with some of these opinions that came up during the discussion, some of the ideas confirmed my own opinions of the characters so far. After a brief summarization of all the scenes in act I and an explanation for the objective of each scene we jumped into our discussion with out first real question: What role did Lady Macbeth have on Macbeth’s decision to assassinate his king, Duncan?
Many said similar things, which confirmed my opinion of Lady Macbeth’s role in Macbeth’s decision. Lady Macbeth was a woman of power. She though ambitious like her husband, was obviously more aggressive and more confident in herself leading her husband to the crown going as far as saying she would lose her identity of a woman for her husband to receive the title of the King. She was a woman that was unlike a woman in many ways. Through the influence of the Renaissance Shakespeare made everyone in the play much more human implying that no one is perfect. Lady Macbeth is not a stereotype of a lady during that time. Come, you spirits/ That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here/ And fill me form the crown to the toe top-full/ Of direst cruelty! Make thick my blood (1.5.40-43). Some controversy was established when people began to question Macbeth’s confidence of becoming king. Some said that the only reason he wanted to become king was through Lady Macbeth’s encouragement; I disagreed with these people. Though Lady Macbeth was a key part in that lead to the decision of killing Duncan, I felt that Macbeth was also ambitious enough to pursue that title. Macbeth was also confident in the beginning but when he felt doubtful of his actions, Lady Macbeth dared calling him not a man and encouraged him, which lead to the decision to continue the murder. If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me (1.4.144). What beast was’t, then,/ That made you break this enterprise to me?/ When you durst it, then you were a man (1.7.48-49).
The most debatable topic was however, the meaning of power. The questions were: What is power? Why do people want it? How do people get it? How do people keep it? Most people described power as a position of status, a status like a king that can control people and must use evil deeds to obtain it. Though sometimes this true I didn’t agree that just authority was power and that evil deeds must be acted for one to obtain that kind of power. Evil deeds does not necessarily need to enforced to gain power, there are other ways such as negotiation and simply being loyal and kind. The King that was there in the first place would not have just killed his way up to the thrown. Power itself though can be a seat of authority does not always have to be so absolute such as the king, power can be within anyone and anything its just that being ambitious would lead to seeking more power and more authority from the people around you. I thought however that the reason why people want power was overlooked in the discussion.
The next question asked about whether or not Duncan himself was a good king. The discussion did not go very deep with this question due to time constraints. However I thought that Duncan was not very good king in fact because he seemed very clueless and easy to manipulate. In the first act he in his first appearance he seemed to be very confused with the events such as the execution of Macdonald and a battle. What bloody man is that? He can report,/ As seemeth by his plight, of revolt/ The newest state (1.2.1-3).

Though many interpretations of this play can be made I believe I am on the right track of the main ideas. Through the discussion I learned any new interpretations and I decided whether to accept them or not. Overall however my opinions were confirmed and I am now more curious how the rest of the story will unfold.

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