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My head throbs.


I try recalling a certain scene from long ago. I struggle to keep that slippery memory in my hands. Like soap it seems to be harder to recall the harder I hold on to it. It seems to be mocking me as I curse and swear while I continue to insist remembering that small passing memory.

“It’s at the tip of my tongue.”

“I’ll have it in one second.”

The more I try the more hopeless it seems. I grit my teeth and attempt to focus all my willpower and concentration only on that particular memory still flaunting in front of me. Why can’t I remember it? Am I just that stupid? The memory doubles over in laughter and I give up cursing my stupidity. Shamed by the humility of it all.

Later when I completely cease caring about that insignificant memory…..it hits me.
And I laugh.
“Why couldn’t I remember this before?”
Chuckling, I continue on my way as I remember that lovely fleeting memory.


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