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Pokemon has been around as far as I can remember. When I was a little kid I used to collect Pokemon cards and play all the Pokemon games. Now I don’t collect the Pokemon cards but I still like the Pokemon games. Pokemon is an abbreviation that means Pocket Monsters. Pokemon started as a franchise of Nintendo games. The games as well as the anime that accompanies, are centered around Pokemon trainers training their pokemon. First they catch it, train it, and then compete with other pokemon in battles or contests. The Pokemon series was produced by Satoshi Tajiri because of his love for catching insects as a young boy near his hometown of Machida. Apparently he was going to call them Capsule Monsters because he got inspiration from a link cable. He pictured the insect crawling between two Game Boy systems. Pokemon Red and Blue version debuted in 1996. The pokemon games were simple but addicting. It’s not much different to what it is now. The main motive is still training pokemon to become a pokemon master. Based on the game they made an anime version to Pokemon.
I hate Ash.
I hate the pokemon anime.
I don’t mind the pokemon in the anime.
I hate the people.
I dislike them.
Ash always dumps his pokemon off to start a new region. He shouldn’t do that. Maybe that’s why the anime is going on forever. He’s suppose to be 10. How old is he now? If he had just kept his strong pokemon maybe the anime would have already ended. My favorite characters however in the anime are Drew and May. My favorite pokemon generation is the 2nd generation. 3rd generation was pretty good too. The pokemon were still unique and cute. But in the 4th generation the pokemon sorta crashed. We can see the first example of this in the starter pokemon. So ugly. So unoriginal. Even the story of the 4th generation is lame. The creator of the pokemon universe Archeus looks like a horse that got stabbed by a wheel. I was quite disappointed. Apparently a 5th generation is coming out. Hope its better than 4th generation. There are currently over 380 species of pokemon. A great source of Pokemon information is Bulbapedia. The more diverse it gets though, the more unappealing it gets. When will it end? I believe that they should keep the pokemon that they already created and make a better story with them. Well that’s what I think.
Despite all this I still love Pokemon. (Though the movies are also getting weirder and lamer) I don’t understand people that believe that they are too “old” for things they did when they were kids. Holding on to the things I liked when I was a kid gives me a sense of peace. I dunno. It might be just me.


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First nonenglish post

HELLOOOOOO!  hello 🙂 The picture above has a pokemon called Surskit and a person cosplaying as Surskit in it. Well yes I like pokemon. I know many things about pokemon and still love pokemon to this day. I don’t read the manga nor anime anymore but still. I like the little  critters. Enjoy this nice ice skating picture.

Here is a link for more information about Surskit: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Surskit_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29

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