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English Macbeth Final

Another English post!!! YES WE JUST HAD OUR FINALS BUT WE DIDN’T GET ANY BREAK SO NOW ITS SECOND SEMESTER. I made this presentation with keynote and we were suppose to present our thesis to our class without reading off of the slides. It was nice that we still got to use note cards though. 😀

Oh yeah and I need to do a reflection..

* How prepared did you feel for your presentation? Why?
Well I didn’t feel very prepared though I did practice the day before. This was probably due to the fact that juniors were there watching us and because it had been a while since doing a presentation alone.
* What did you do well? Why?
I think my pictures fitted well with my presentation by enhancing it.
* What could you improve? Why?
I could of looked at my audience more. I was too nervous to look at them properly at that time.
* What skills do you need to focus on during Second Semester to improve your skills?
I guess talking more comfortably in front of audiences.


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