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This is the biggie.
This is a mandatory submission for my final blog posts.
I’m suppose to reflect on what I learned this year.

Well wow. It’s been almost a year since I first joined the 10th grade English class. Swirls of memories surround me as I attempt to recall what I have accomplished in one year of high school. I remember those sleepless nights as I sat crouched on my desk with the rest of my family sleeping while I worked extra diligently on my delightful Multigenre project. But besides that, I couldn’t seem to recollect what I’ve done for an entire year. Isn’t it amusing when one looks back, they only see a mere blur of the past – a rush of vague and unclear memories which leaves us feeling confused and frustrated. Despite this, I strained my tired head of what I actually acquired during my time in that cute classroom. Then it came to me – very hard I might add. I got better at talking!

I wasn’t THAT antisocial in my freshmen year; it’s just that I never really participated in any of the discussions. They were always something I dreaded. I learned in sophomore year and in English class that staying silent will ultimate lead to a not very good score. But that was in second semester. Backing up to first semester I realized that we had more project based assignments rather then those presentations, writing and discussion assignments we had these days. One book I particularly liked was Grendel. Grendel seems to be a very cute creature contrary to what many of my classmates think. It was the first book I didn’t mind reading. I actually can’t really remember what we did with that book. Grendel presented many radical philosophical ideas I never even thought of. The discussions throughout the year made me realize: books actually have a point to make. Despite knowing what themes were I always saw the themes of books cheesy and unrelated to my life. Applying it to society showed me the greater meaning of a book. Yeah. Cheesy. But its true. Books have a purpose. Grendel was a interesting read; it was much more interesting than Beowulf. Despite this it was kind of disappointing that he got his arm torn off at the end.
“Poor Grendel’s had an accident,” I whisper. “So may you all.” (Gardner 174).
After time passed, the discussions didn’t seem to be as threatening, we learned how to write a proper thesis, the presentations seemed more enjoyable, and those sentence structures were really enlightening. I can honestly say that English transformed from a demon to something better. Sure I still don’t do that well on quizzes but I believe that this class really helped my writing and my speaking. Which is what English is about no? Or not. Everyone has his or her memories of sophomore English classes. I’m not actually sure of my writing still. I’m not sure if I improved. I’m not sure if I changed. But I hope I did. Good-bye grade 10 English. : )

P.S Looking forward to AP English language. Hope it helps me as much as English 10 has.

Toast to the end of the year!


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Okay yes. Another English post! A semester one reflection which will help me REFLECT on the things in first semester. I think that Semester one was quite a failure. My 1st block is Ap bio. Ap bio was fine. Grade before the finals was higher than after the finals but it was okay. I think I should have been more consistent in my studying than cramming the night before. My 2nd block is French. FAIL. I don’t know why but I am really bad at french. I maybe if I had also studied more consistently this wouldn’t have happened. Je suis sad 😦 okay. yea. I’m bad at french. 3rd block was alg II. It was okay. I often make little mistakes in math and I think I should stop doing that. I should check over my work more thoroughly yes? 4th block is Chemistry. O god. I did so bad in my first quarter of chemistry it was hard raising it. But it was okay. I could have studied more I guess which would have helped me during the final. But yea. I made a lot of mistakes on this final too. 5th period was Asian Studies. To me, I think this subject was quite sad to be frank. I’m not really sure what I learned but that is probably because I’m a bad student. The final was okay compared to my other tests which were usually below average. My 6th block was English! Yes english! English was okay during the first semester. I did my homework consistently which is a feat for me, and the books we read weren’t books I hated. However. The final was not the best. I believe it’s because I suck at talking in front of people. Yea. Maybe that’s why. It’s a mystery to me cause I’m usually very loud…
My last block is pe. Yea.. I did bad on the push up test but whatever.

THE END !!!!

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