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To gain a better understanding of the Shakespeare play Macbeth our teacher told us to act out each of our respective scenes. At first we were appalled by this assignment given that there was going to be much work involved, but after successfully performing our given scene I felt accomplished. My group prepared music, costumes, and memorized their lines for this assignment. When we finally got back from our winter holidays it was time to perform. We made a fake fire since we were acting out the first scene of the play and it seemed as if the atmosphere should be a bit creepy. We had the lights off and the scene started with the first witches line. I learned that the more I acted my character the more I understood the play itself. It made me study the lines of the play more closely than simply reading the lines from paper. We got to interpret the lines to how we thought it should sound. The things that went well with our performance may simply be the atmosphere. We made the atmosphere creepy and the lines that were said during this scene just seemed to fit the entire atmosphere we created inside the classroom. Each of our members contributed their amount of effort and props. I myself brought in the pot for the set and suggested many of the blocking as well as the music. However though I thought I had memorized my lines beforehand, nervousness crept up to me and made my mind go blank when it was time to perform. I stumbled through some lines and got one of my quos wrong. I could of improved the performance if I had not just forgotten that quo. If I had to rate myself out of 6 with 1 being unacceptable and 6 a professional actor I would give myself a 5 because though I forgot some of my lines I emphasized the parts where I needed, gave the right kind of emotion and successfully remembered all of my blocking. This scene performance though tiring, made up for it in the long run. It helped me to better understand the scene and the whole play Macbeth as a whole. It helped me feel the atmosphere and seriousness of the scenes including the personality of the character.


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