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So. On a snow make up day where we had to go to all our classes for a 45 minute period my english teacher decided to let us watch a movie. Since we are reading Bram Stocker’s Dracula we watched the 1931 version of Dracula and the more recent adaption of Dracula to of course, compare and contrast.
When people try to make films out of literature, usually they are very different and the movie usually leaves out information due to time constraints.
The movie was rushed, black and white, and the audio was terrible. But whats to expect from an old movie? They made Jonathan Harker Renfiled.

Okay… that was REALLY unexpected.
The newer film also uses this idea. They made it seem like Jonathan Harker was the one who replaces Renfield after he goes mad. And to say.. Dracula’s hair is awesome. Needless to say, it sorta looks like Alice in Wonderland Queen’s hair.

Maybe the queen IS a vampire. They have the same white face, the same red lips, the same creepy look, and the same freaky hair.
Maybe they should get married.
Maybe they are already married.

Well, Dracula the newer version was creepy and the way Dracula came to be was probably inaccurate. It was something about stabbing a giant cross after his wife dies and drinking the beautiful delicious deep red liquid that was send forth by the cross. Then the room started to get filled with blood as he screamed “Blood is the life!”
………………………………….But then it was fun.

Better than my swimming class before it.

Curse you water.


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“What does the snow become when it melts?”

“Water of course.”

“Nope! It becomes spring!”

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Love: “An intense feeling of deep affection” (dictionary).

So what do I feel an intense and deep affection for?


I simply LOVE and ALWAYS desire sleep and food.

they are the essentials yes?
Uh.. but for the purpose of this blog this question is not refering to a particular activity. I believe it is just asking what I am passionate about.
So uh…

I guess I’m passionate about the environment?


Though it seems somewhat stupid and no one else in my family does this, I actually try to be a “ecofriendly” student. I unplug unused electric chords, turn lights off when not used, turn down the brightness of my mac, try to conserve water, and do not litter. Korea should use more trash cans… I’m not sure if this is a passion though, it maybe more like a habit and a passion combined together? I’m not sure, but it bugs me if the lights or on when unused, or when my brother leaves the electric cords in the plugs. It’s wasting our money and damaging our poor earth also. The movie 2012 inspired me to keep continuing my “passion”. Like


I can never image everything going underwater obviously. And obviously this is just a movie. But obviously if we do nothing then this can obviously be a future outcome.
I just hope that the things I do now do make some kind of small difference.

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