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What makes a blog unique?

I’m not sure LOL
To answer this I decided to venture upon my fellow peer’s blogs!

1. Staci S Blog: A.K.A (As Known As)
I think a major thing that attracts people to read each others blogs is the fact that the writer sounds HUMAN. Unlike hard written essays or research reports an interesting blog should sound like a person. Someone that has a voice. It’s interesting that because Staci has a very definite writing voice. You can tell that a person is talking. So I think one step into making a unique blog is to make your voice sound unique.

2. Harin’s Blog: Fat Pony Chronicles
Oh yes! My friend Harin! The blog sounds just like her!!! Her blog is interesting because it has a very nice layout and talks about things we can relate to! Like the olympics and such. I learned that to be an interesting blog writer you should write about things that can be related to.

3. Ashley’s Blog: Sûr une étoile (apparently it means “on a star” in french)
Ashley. Her blog posts are just generally very interesting. The things she writes about are things that we usually just look over in our lives. It makes the readers think and interested to keep reading further.

So there! Thats what I think makes a fun unique interesting blog.

This took me over 6 hours because I was procrastinating.

And now this is a picture that has nothing to do with my blog post but felt like sharing it.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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